SECCG has several pre-set packages available for general monitoring of a customer’s network equipment and applications.  The packages are categorized by the type and use of equipment to be monitored.

Network Device Management Services
Network devices – firewalls, load balancer, routers, switches and hubs – must be properly configured and maintained to ensure network security and reliable operation. SECCG offers a broad range of network management services and will take the burden of ensuring you get the proper services for your specific network.

  • A network audit to document your topology and addressing scheme
  • 24/7 technical support of the network devices from experienced engineers
  • Security and bug patch notification, and when approved, installation
  • Maintaining the security of firewalls
  • Monitoring bandwidth usage
  • Monitoring network device availability and performance

* Except for the initial system audit, service time to repair or otherwise service the monitored system is not included in this monitoring agreement.

Benefits of Security Management Services
Maintaining the security of your Internet-based systems is more important and more time consuming that ever. SECCG removes the burden of protecting your systems by offering 24/7 security management that combines intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning. We also will not burden your existing hardware as a pre-configured 1U server is installed in your network to handle the intrusion detection and vulnerability task.

  • Identify misconfigured firewalls
  • Catch attacks that firewalls legitimately allow through (such as attacks against Web servers)
  • Document hacker attempts that fail
  • Watch for insider hacking
  • Identify users installing unsecured software on their machines
  • Recognize unauthorized machines using the network
  • See incorrect IP space utilization

SECCG will ensure your intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning system is properly installed and maintained. This includes configuring the system, testing the pattern matching, updating scanning profiles, monitoring 24/7, reporting suspicious activities or vulnerability, and providing a monthly reports 

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